Terms & conditions

By placing an order with Wrigmark.com, you confirm that you are in agreement with the following terms and conditions. If you face any issue during the service period Wrigmark should be contacted with sufficient information about your identity, the ground of complaint and clear information to identify the issue you have pointed out. Please read the following carefully before your subscribe to our service.

  • Wrigmark has a “Service Agreement” in place prior to initiate any service to the concerned client. Both, the client and Wrigmark should adhere to the above agreement.This is the first step of our process and both the client and Wrigmark has to abide by it.
  • All plans by Wrigmark commence on a monthly subscription basis. However, the client has the option of stopping the subscription at any point of the ongoing SEO campaign.
  • Wrigmark doesn’t have any locking period. However, we recommend to continue the campaign at least for six months to see improvements over the website.
  • All the packages we sell is exclusively for SEO. So no web development work in involved in any plan.
  • Campaign keyword selection is based on the specialization of the service provider. So unless agreed, the client has to approve the keywords suggested by the service provider.
  • We follow a specific process mentioned in www.wrigmark.com/seo-process and at each step we need the approval of the client to go ahead. Unless we have the approval, we cannot proceed with the process or make any changes to the website. Wrigmark can’t be held responsible for any delay caused in the approval process.
  • We don’t have any direct refund policy given to the nature of service we provide. Our refund policy is mentioned in www.wrigmark.com/money-back-guarantee.
  • Wrigmark can’t be held responsible for any problem flaring up given to the changes made by the client to the website. To make the website search engine friendly, we may need to make some front-end/back-end changes; subject to approval of these suggestions by the client.
  • We may need the FTP/CMS/Admin login details, if the client wants Wrigmark to make the changes. The client is requested to change the login once the job is accomplished by Wrigmark. This stops any concern of further security breach.
  • Wrigmark can’t be held responsible for any virus and malware attack to the website raised by the flaw of the hosting service provider. We recommend every website to have a dedicated hosting to prevent such issues.
  • We don’t guarantee results of any nature. We only guarantee to work for the allotted number of manhours as per the plan subscribed by the client and complete the agreed deliverables at the specified time. We normally provide weekly, bimonthly and monthly reports to the clients that integrates all the activities we have covered during that period.