SEO Services

Google Analytics Report

Visitor Behavior Analysis

Goal Assessment

Browser Compatibility

Critical Analysis

Position Monitoring

Campaign Analysis

Google Webmaster Analysis

Website Analysis

Industry Analysis

Keyword Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Website Code Analysis

Semantic Analysis

Article Submission

Classified Ads Posting

Content Submission

Directory Submission

Article Prism

Ebook Submission


Press Release

Reciprocal Link Building

Search Engine Submission

Social Bookmarking

Software Submission

Three-way Link Building

Spider Simulation

Image Alt-Tag

Page Title

HTML Validation

Affiliate Promotion

Regional Landing Page

Testimonial Generation

LSI Application

Video Sitemap

Dynamic Sitemap

Mobile SEO

CRM and Analytics Integration

Monthly Cost Benefit Analysis

Website Architecture

Meta Descriptions

Anchor Text Linking

Duplicate Content Fixing

Improve Landing Page

Blog Integration

Newsletters Section

Visitors Sitemap

Mobile Sitemap

Call to Action on Landing Pages

Blog Networks and Traffic Hubs

Setting Up Analytics


Meta Keywords

Image File Naming

Keyword Density and Proximity

Landing Page Creation

Media Section Creation

Internal Linking

Image Sitemap

Text Sitemap

Mobile List Building

Landing Page Optimization

Affiliate for Traffic Acquisition

Google Analytics Setup

Google Webmaster Tool Setup

Canonical Issue

Customized 404 Error

Goal Setting

IP Validation



Availability of Search Facility

Website Form Validation

Live Support

MOD Rewrite

Silo Structure Design

4.03 Spider-friendly Navigation

Breadcrumb Navigation

Broken Link

Google Alert Setting

Script Optimization

Shopping Cart Integration

Google Analytics Report

Monthly Report

Google Webmaster Report

Monthly Roadmap

Initial Ranking Report

Weekly Report

24X7 Live Chat




Unlimited Email

Video Conference


Yahoo/MSN/Gtalk etc.

Blog Commenting

Custom Landing Page Design

Befriending Competitors Fans

Custom Landing Tabs

Analyze Competitors Fan Base

Facebook Mobile Application

Customer Support Account

Virtual Personas

Video Upload

Youtube Analytics

Viral Video Production

PDF Ebooks

Research Data

Profile Creation

Community Building
Facebook Insight Analysis

Custom Twitter Page


Subscriber Building

Connecting Youtube to Facebook

Local Followers Building

Foursquare Mobile Application

White Papers

Mind Maps

Custom Theme Development

Social Networking

Discussions and Open Forums



News Websites

Virtual Group Building

Google Profile and Groups

Google Base




Local Affiliations

Digital Catalogue Creation

Friend Feed Aggregation

Widgets Development

Feedburner Email Signup




Squidoo Lens

Reputation Management

Company Vision Statement

Forum Comments

Ning Social Network Creation

Weekly Blog Posts

Wikis Promotion
RSS Distribution

Fan Page

Facebook Video Section

Facebook Offer Scheduling

Analytics For Facebook Pages

Coupon Submission

Crosslinking Social Profiles

Promoting the Virtual Personas

Monthly Content Scheduling

Facebook Paid Marketing

Offers Through Facebook

Monthly Post Scheduling

# tag Optimizatrion

Video Optimization

Youtube & Website Videos Sync

Creation of Venues

Promo Code Marketing

Case Studies

PowerPoint Show

Connection Building

Creating Posts

Article and Community Blogging

Virtual Network Building

Link Wheel




Yellow Pages

Reserve Username

Business Profile Linking

Blog Networks

Effective Local SEO

Location Based Blogs

Location Based Meta Tags

Local SE Placement

Ask for Reviews

Off Page Local SEO

Merchant Circle

Hotfrog Listing

Google Places

Local Keyword Research

Google Sites

Local Contacts & Post Box

Increase Local Site Popularity

Positive Reviews Postings

Yellow Pages

City Search

Yelp Page

Super Page

Location Based Affiliate Sites

Location Based Landing Pages

Local Content

Local Search Engines

Geographic Back Linking

Local Business Directories

Craig’s List

Local Community – Foursquare

Exposing the Local Contacts

Consumer Review

Defining the USP

Call to Action Optimization

Optimize Usage of Images

Adding Opt-Ins

Optimizing Conversion Path

Trigger Words

Competitive Gap Analysis

Risk Reversal Analysis

Throwaway Coupons

Designing Landing Pages

Engagement Test

Google Website Optimizer

Split Testing

Optimum Link Length

Value Hierarchies

Organizing the Content

Benefit-Oriented Headlines

Corporate Slogans

Security of Transactions

Refer a Friend

Bounce Rate Reduction

Trend Analysis

Cost Per Acquisition Calculation

Use of Sub Headlines

Logo Credibility Building

Tabbed Navigation

Click Mapping

Layout Optimization

Testing Conversion with Persona

Promotion and Offers

Mobile Search

Games / Social Networking

Mobile Website Creation

Click to Call or Click to Chat

Mobile App Development

Google Analytics Integration

Ads within Applications

News and Major Updates

Mobile Ads – Google Adwords

Mobile SEO

Mobile Sitemap

Google Maps

Phone for Mobile Advert

Advertising / Sponsorships


Click to Web – Landing Page

Click to Media – Video, Gallery

Mobile Games – Java App

Opt-in List Builder for SMS

Mobile – SMS and MMS

Throwaway Offers

Mobile Survey

Mobile CSS

Content and Navigation

iPhone Application Store

iPad or Tablets

Mobile Promotions / Polls

Mobile Alerts – SMS and MMS

Location-Based Product Search

Load Time Optimization

IVR Integration

Mobile Videos

Coupon Codes

Play and Win Campaigns

Mind Games and IQ Test

iPhone CSS

Mobile PPC

Mobile Keyword Research

Redemption Codes

Unique Page

Unique Meta Data

Internal Linking

11.02 Optimized URL’s

Optimize Product Images

Unique Content

Landing Page Targeting

Product Reviews

Keyword Optimization in Multiple Languages Website Content Creation in Multiple Languages




Broken Link Fixing

HTML Validation

CSS Validation

Form Validation

Page Load Time

Frame Removal

External Content Web Content

Links from Authority Sites  

Ad Placement and Position


Campaign Design

Intrigue Your Audience

Follow-Through Mechanism

Banner Ads and Looping

Placement and Costs

Appropriate Purchase System

Prominent Logo



Linkedin Directads

Powerful Heading


Strong Text

Choose Colors in Context

Ad Testing

Rich Media Banners

Banner Exchange

Use Bold Colors

Banner Ads Plugin

UBD Block Ad Plugin

Google AdWords Ad Formats

Facebook Banners



Strategic Placements

Campaign Consistency

Landing Page

Advertising Networks

Interactive Elements

Ad Rotator

WordPress Banner

Display Ad Builder

Flash Banner

Personal Reputation

Corporate Reputation

Brand Reputation

Online Identity

Corporate Image


Include a Call to Action

Email Campaign

Promotions / eCoupons

Squize Mail

Platforms for Delivery

Social Media Integration

Email Marketing Metrics

Campaign Reporting

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Calendar and Events


Template Design
Subscribers Building

Event Announcements

Co-registration Lists

Spam Compliance


Video Email Marketing

Phone Number Integration

A/B Testing

Maximising CTR


Analytics Integration


Corporate Communication

Mailer List Building

CRM Integration

Design Online Surveys

Email Marketing Software


B2B Email Marketing

Follow Through Mechanism

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Articles

Analytics Tracking

PPC Affiliate Programme

Social Media

Commission Junction(CJ)

Sharing Affiliate Information

Competitive Analysis

Niche Affiliate

Online Payment Module

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Link

RSS and XML Feeds

Adsense Google

Link Sharing

Affiliate Blog Post

B2B & B2C Affiliate Marketing

Building Targeted Deals

Surrogate Brand Building

Affiliate Tracking Software

Affiliate Directory

Campaign Analysis

Affiliate CRM

ROI Optimization

Flex Offers

Affiliate Conversion

Affiliate Network

Overboarding Affiliate Ads

Location Based Affiliate Sites

Affiliate Datafeeds

Maximize Index Power

Google Penguin Recovery

Diagnosing And Healing A Diseased Website

Google Panda Recovery

Getting Rid Of The SEO Ranking Blues